Safe, Seamless Transport with Mantaray's Car Trailers in Mackay

Are you ready to undertake a seamless and stress-free move across Mackay CBD? Look no further than Mantaray Trailer Hire’s Car Trailers, tailored to meet your diverse transport needs. Whether you’re relocating furniture, moving a vehicle, or tackling DIY projects, our extensive fleet of trailers is equipped to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

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Tilt Deck Trailer (Mackay CBD - CAR Tilt Flatbed Trailer):

  • Unique Feature: Tie-Down Rail & Flatbed for Low-Clearance Vehicles
  • Dimensions: Length: 5000mm, Width: 2000mm
  • Usable Payload: 2500kg
  • Pricing: 4hrs – $60, 8hrs – $80, 1 day – $110, Extra days – $45 per day

Effortlessly load low-clearance vehicles with the tilt deck. Versatile for various loads, confident towing of large trailers, and enhanced safety with smartphone-operated electric brakes.

Mackay CBD - CAR Beaver Tail (Elec. Winch Flatbed Trailer)

  • Unique Feature: Tie-Down Rail & Reduced Approach Angle for Easy Loading
  • Dimensions: Length: 5000mm, Width: 2000mm
  • Usable Payload: 2270 kg
  • Pricing: 4hrs – $70, 8hrs – $90, 1 day – $120, Extra days – $50 per day


Ensure easy loading with a reduced approach angle on the beaver tail. Ideal for transporting different loads, with optimal control during transit using smartphone-operated electric brakes.

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Designed to simplify the loading process, the Beaver Tail Car Trailer features a lowered approach angle, preventing scraping and damage to low-front bumper vehicles. Ideal for safe and secure transportation.

Designed to simplify the loading process, the Beaver Tail Car Trailer features a lowered approach angle, preventing scraping and damage to low-front bumper vehicles. Ideal for safe and secure transportation.

Why Mantaray Trailer Hire Stands Out

From furniture to heavy equipment, our versatile trailer options cater to diverse needs, ensuring you get the right equipment for the job.

Our budget-friendly solutions come with transparent pricing, providing value for your money without hidden fees.

Save time and effort with our strategically located services, easily accessible for residents, businesses, and travellers passing through Mackay.

Our trailers undergo regular inspections and maintenance, guaranteeing safety and reliability for your journey

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to providing expert advice, ensuring a seamless rental experience from start to finish.

Enhance overall safety during transit with precise control over the trailer’s braking system, adapting to different payloads and driving conditions.

Reliability, Cost-Efficiency, and Peace of Mind

Reliability and Safety

A well-maintained trailer is less likely to experience mechanical failure, such as brake malfunctions or tire blowouts. This ensures the security of the cargo and a safer experience for the driver and other road users.


Renting a trailer can be more economical than purchasing one, especially for infrequent use. Additionally,  a well maintained trailer means lower risk of incurring repair costs or facing delays due to breakdowns.

Enhanced Performance

Regular maintenance ensures that the trailer performs at the best when you use it. This includes optimal trailer handling, efficient fuel consumption (for the towing vehicle), and reliable load-bearing capacity.

Compliance With Legal Standards

Well-maintained trailers are more likely to comply with road safety regulations and standards, such as trailer condition, weight limits, and safety features. This compliance is important to avoid legal issues or fines.

Versatility and Convenience

Renting a trailer provides the flexibility to choose the right type and size for specific needs, whether it’s for transporting vehicles or hauling equipment. This adaptability is useful for one-time or occasional needs.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that the trailer is in good condition reduces the stress associated with breakdowns or accidents. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially during long journeys or when transporting valuable or sensitive cargo.

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Explore the Versatility of Mackay CBD Trailers

Choose our CAR Beaver Tail trailer with 2500 kg payload and Electric Winch or the Tilt Tray for vehicles weighing over 2500kg. Both flatbed trailers are equipped with tie-down rails and can convey most vehicles, small plant equipment or large, heavy pallet items.

  • Recreational Use: Car trailers can be used for recreational purposes, such as transporting race cars to tracks, or other sports equipment.
  • Rubbish Removal: Car trailers can be used to transport rubbish to disposal sites. This is particularly useful for large clean-up projects.
  • Emergency Vehicle Transport: During emergencies or breakdowns, car trailers can be used to transport disabled vehicles to repair shops.
  • Agricultural Use: In farming and agriculture, trailers are used to transport land equipment, tractors, and water equipment.
  • Event Hosting: Trailers are sometimes converted into mobile stages or concession stands for events like fairs, concerts, or sports.
  • Vehicle Transportation: The most obvious use is for transporting vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, ATVs, or boats.
  • Moving and Relocation: They are ideal for moving personal belongings, furniture, and large household items during relocation.
  • Landscaping and Gardening: For those in landscaping businesses, car trailers are essential for hauling plant equipment.
  • Construction and Trades: They are widely used in the construction industry to transport equipment to and from job sites. 

Experience the Mantaray Difference

Safety and Reliability:

Your safety is our priority, with a commitment to the highest safety standards and regular maintenance of our trailers.

Tie-Down Rails

Our flatbed trailers boast specially designed tie-down rails, enhancing their versatility to securely transport a variety of items beyond just cars, including long planks of timber.

Effortless Online Booking:

Initiate the hire process with our simple "Click and Collect" system, navigating our user-friendly website for a time-saving solution.

Damage Liability Reduction

In case of an accident, your maximum liability is reduced to $500 instead of the entire trailer cost.

Tire Support Service

If you encounter a tire failure and lack a spare, we'll dispatch assistance to your location to help you resolve the problem.

Roadside Assistance

For mechanical breakdowns on your trailer, our roadside assistance ensures that a tow truck is called to pick up the trailer and carry out necessary repairs.

Transparent and Fair Pricing:

Enjoy fair and transparent pricing without hidden fees, ensuring value for your money.

Local Knowledge, Expert Advice:

Benefit from insights, advice, and personalised recommendations tailored to your needs, backed by Jay's extensive experience.

Community-Focused Approach:

As integral parts of the Mackay community, Jay and Terina prioritise relationships, reliability, and positive contributions to the local fabric.

Please note that tie-down straps and ropes are not included with any car trailers.

About Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay

Mantaray Trailer Hire is where local expertise and a commitment to excellence converge to provide unparalleled trailer rental services in Mackay. Owned and operated by Jay and Terina, proud locals of the Mackay region, Mantaray Trailer Hire is more than a service; it’s a neighbourly extension that values relationships, reliability, and positive contributions to the local fabric.

Discover a safe and convenient way to move your cars with Mantaray Trailer Hire.