Can I hire a trailer one way to & from Mackay?

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The answer is yes, You can hire a caged, car or enclosed furniture trailer one way to any major city TO & FROM Mackay. We have partnered with Trik Trailers to provide one way interstate car trailer hire at a affordable price. For one hire between other locations other than Mackay, contact Trik

What are the advantages of one way trailer hire?

The main advantage is convenience. It’s a no brainer when moving house, you want to leave one spot, and finish at another. It just isn’t realistic to drive from one city to the next, to then drive all the way back to return. You save money, effort and of course, TIME! Moving home can be extremely stressful, mentally and financially. One way trailer rentals can help reduce the burden .

How do I book hire in Queensland?

You can give us a call on 0402 750 901 or email, and we will give you an availability. From there we will guide you through the booking process.

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