Northern Beaches Caged Trailers

When you need to move stuff like goods, furniture, or tools, having the right trailer is super important. Lots of folks are loving the 8×5 northern beaches caged trailer. It’s just the right size and does a great job for hauling different things around.

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Northern Beaches - Small Caged Trailer (Single Axle):

  • Size: Length 2360mm — Width 1490mm, 8×5 Cage Trailer
  • Payload: 400kg
  • Uses: For carrying one or several items, as long as they’re not too heavy or go over 400kg.
  • Unique Feature: It has a single axle, which makes it super easy to manoeuvre around.


If you want a trailer that’s easy to handle and you’re not too sure about towing, this one’s perfect for you!

Northern Beaches - Heavy Caged Trailer (Single Axle):

  • Size: Length 2360mm — Width: 1490mm, 8×5 Cage Trailer Heavy Duty
  • Payload: 950kg
  • Uses: For hauling landscaping materials and heavy stuff such as bricks, weighing up to 1 ton.
  • Unique Feature: You can add a tailgate ramp, making loading and unloading goods a breeze.


It’s perfect for items that fit better and are simpler to secure in a snugly fitting trailer rather than a larger one.

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Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay - Heavy Caged Trailer Ramp scaled

Northern Beaches - Heavy Caged Trailer Ramp:

  • Size: Length 2360mm — Width: 1490mm, 8×5 HD RAMP
  • Payload: 950kg
  • Uses: Safely move heavy items or landscaping material like dirt and brick, up to 1 tonne.
  • Unique Feature: This trailer comes with a ramp for easier loading and unloading.


Perfect for those items that fit better or are easier to secure in a snug trailer rather than a bigger one.

Northern Beaches - Medium Caged Trailer (Twin Axle):

  • Size: Length 3040mm — Width 1820mm, 10×6 Cage Trailer RAMP
  • Payload: 1300kg
  • Uses: Perfect for carrying single or multiple heavy items, as long as they don’t go over 1300kg.
  • Unique Feature: Twin axle design, providing extra stability whether you’re loading, unloading, or towing long distances.


If you need to move big and awkward stuff, we’ve got you covered with our 10×6 Cage Trailer RAMP.

Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay - Medium Caged Trailer Twin Axle scaled
Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay - Large Caged Trailer Twin Axle scaled

Northern Beaches - Large Caged Trailer (Twin Axle):

  • Size: Length 3590mm — Width: 1820mm, 12×6 Cage Trailer
  • Payload: 1300kg
  • Uses: Perfect for hauling heavy landfill, single bulky items, or multiple loads weighing up to 1300kg.
  • Unique Feature: Boasts a Twin Axle design, offering enhanced stability whether you’re loading, unloading, or towing over long distances.


Our Large 12×6 Cage Trailer is your best bet for moving large, awkwardly-shaped items with ease.

Northern Beaches - Large Flat Top Hydraulic tipper:

  • Size: Length 3650mm — Width: 2100mm, 12×7 Flat Top Hydraulic Tipper Trailer
  • Payload: 1730kg
  • Uses: Easily move small earth, plant equipment, and agricultural equipment with a specially designed ramp.
  • Unique Feature: Hydraulic tipping, ideal for shifting large amounts of earth, rock, sand, or landfill.

It has a self-sufficient hydraulic system powered by a remote solar setup. No need for external power sources. Whether you need a flat deck, a tipper, or ramp, this trailer has got you covered for any job, saving you valuable time and money.

Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay - Hydraulic tipper trailer

Why You Should Choose Mantaray Trailer Hire

We have a range of trailers for every need, whether you’re moving furniture, transporting vehicles, or tackling DIY projects.

Enjoy affordable rates with no surprises or hidden charges. Our pricing is transparent, so you know exactly what to expect.

Located strategically in Northern Beaches, our spot is easy to find, saving you time when picking up and dropping off your trailer.

Our trailers are regularly inspected to ensure they’re safe and reliable for your journey. You can count on well-maintained trailers every time.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you every step of the way. Expect top-notch service from start to finish.

With electric brakes, you have precise control over your trailer, making your journey safer in various driving conditions.

Enjoy the Benefits with Well-Maintained Trailers

Reliable and Safe

When you hire a trailer, you can count on its reliability and safety. Regular maintenance ensures fewer chances of mechanical problems like brake failures or tire blowouts, making your driving experience safer for you and others on the road.

Cost-Effective Choice

Renting a trailer is a smart financial choice, especially if you don’t need it all the time. With a well-maintained trailer, you avoid unexpected repair costs and delays due to breakdowns, saving you money in the long run.

Improved Performance

Expect top-notch performance every time you use the trailer. Regular maintenance ensures smooth manoeuvrability, efficient fuel consumption for your towing vehicle, and reliable load-bearing capacity.

Comply With Legal Standards

A properly maintained trailer meets legal road safety regulations. This includes factors like trailer condition, weight limits, and safety features, helping you avoid fines and legal issues.

Versatile and Convenient

Renting a trailer gives you the flexibility to choose the right type and size for your specific needs, whether it’s transporting vehicles or hauling equipment. This flexibility is perfect for occasional or one-time uses.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your trailer is well-maintained brings peace of mind, especially during long journeys or when transporting valuable cargo. Say goodbye to stress over breakdowns or accidents, and enjoy worry-free hauling.

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Mantaray Trailer Hire Mackay - Designed to simplify the loading process scaled

How You Can Use Our Northern Beaches Trailers

  • Transport Goods: Move construction supplies, landscaping materials, agricultural produce, and industrial equipment easily.
  • Manage Rubbish: Keep your surroundings clean by collecting green rubbish, scrap metal, cardboard, and recyclables.
  • Attend Events: Transport equipment, supplies, tents, stages, and fencing for events and festivals hassle-free.
  • Transport Animals: Safely move livestock, poultry, and other animals in agricultural settings or animal husbandry.
  • Enhance Landscapes: Perfect for transporting plants, trees, mulch, soil, and landscaping materials for your projects.
  • Handle Construction: Move construction materials, tools, debris, and equipment efficiently to and from job sites.
  • Haul Recreational Gear: Take your ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks, and camping gear wherever adventure calls.
  • Retail Support: Seamlessly transport merchandise, inventory, and goods between warehouses, distribution centres, and retail outlets.
  • Aid Communities: Support humanitarian efforts by transporting relief supplies, food, water, and medical aid to disaster-stricken areas.
  • Manage Rubbish: Aid municipalities and rubbish management companies in curbside collection, bulk item pickup, and landfill transport.

Why You Should Choose a Cage Trailer for Your Needs

The 8×5 cage trailer offers ample space for all sorts of tasks. From hauling garden waste to moving furniture, motorbikes, or ATVs, its size accommodates various items efficiently, making it perfect for different jobs.

The sturdy mesh sides of the cage trailer ensure your cargo stays safe and secure during transportation. No need to worry about items falling out, especially when you’re moving delicate or valuable goods.

Loading and unloading are a breeze with the open design of the trailer. Whether you’re dealing with heavy landscaping materials or household items, accessing your cargo is quick and hassle-free.

Choosing to hire a trailer instead of buying one can save you money in the short term. With a hired 8×5 cage trailer, you get all the benefits without the commitment and maintenance costs of ownership.

The 8×5 size strikes the perfect balance between space and manoeuvrability. Whether you’re navigating urban areas or winding roads, towing this trailer is smooth and easy, making it ideal for smaller vehicles.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, budget considerations matter. Opting for a hired 8×5 cage trailer provides a cost-effective solution, especially if you don’t need it all the time.

For short-term projects or one-off transportation tasks, hiring a trailer saves you time and hassle. Get the equipment you need, when you need it, without committing to long-term ownership.

Discover the Mantaray Difference

Liability Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with a maximum responsibility capped at $500 in case of accidents, instead of covering the entire trailer cost.

Tire Troubles? No Problem!

If you face a tire failure without a spare, we'll send help right to you, wherever you are. Experience exceptional support services.

Roadside Assistance

Experience a breakdown? We've got you covered with roadside assistance. We'll arrange a tow truck to pick up your trailer and handle repairs.

Easy Online Booking

Booking a trailer is a breeze with our "Click and Collect" system. Simply choose your trailer, complete the booking, and get ready to haul in no time.

Community Connection

Mantaray Trailer Hire isn't just a service; it's a friendly neighbour prioritising relationships, reliability, and giving back to the community.

Expert Advice

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Mantaray Trailer Hire is where you can find the perfect trailer for your needs right here in the Northern Beaches! Our team, Jay and Terina, are proud locals who know the area inside and out. We’re not just a rental service; we’re your friendly neighbours offering trustworthy, convenient, and high-quality trailer rentals.

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