How to Use a Hydraulic Tipper

This is a quick guide on how to safely operate the hydraulic tipping functions on our trailers

1. Open tail gate and ensure your load is ready to slide out before tipping.

2. Release the over-centre clamps that hold the deck to the chassis.

3. Set the hydraulic pump isolator for (off) to (on).

4. Grab the controller from the toolbox. Position yourself as far from the trailer as possible.

5. Controller has two buttons, proceed to operate as required.

(a) Up    (b) Down


6. Do NOT enter underneath the trailer at any time while in operation.

7. Once payload has exit the trailer, proceed to lower deck until fully lowered, fit over-centre latches, return controller to toolbox, move isolator to (OFF) and close tailgates.

Important Safety Tips

  • Hydraulic Isolator should always be in the (OFF) position when NOT in operation.
  • If there is a situation where a person must enter between deck and chassis, raise deck until the locking stand can be placed underneath the frame. Importantly, leave isolator in (ON) position.
  • Do NOT overload trailer beyond its legal payload limit. This WILL damage deck, chassis, hydraulics and is a HUGE safety risk.
  • Remain at least 3m from either side of trailer during tipping operation
  • In the event any. component of the trailer appears to not be working correctly, contact Jayden immediately on 0402 750 901. DO NOT attempt to fix or modify any trailer components until we have inspected the trailer and agreed on the recommend repair.
  • These trailers will always be fitted with bluetooth brake controllers, find the operations quick guide here.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure at on point, on how to operate our hydraulic tippers.