Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Our trailers use detachable looms. Inside the tooldbox there will be a 7pin flat, 7 pin round (Small) and a adapter to 7 pin round (Large).

No, after providing straps in the past. We found it was not viable to continue until we can be on site full time to monitor strap conditions. We hope everone can understand.

NO. Trailers that carry over 2000kg atm (car and furniture trailers) are fitted with Bluetooth brake controllers that connect to your smartphone. Don’t worry if you don’t trust your smartphone. These unit’s work great and still operate on the brake light circuit in the event a phone is not connected. CLICK HERE to read the full user guide. You will be provided a quick start guide via email when you book a trailer.

We can arrage for you to pick and drop up any time night or day. Our click and collect service means we are not present at the time of collecting and return. Book any time you like and we will be in contact with you to discuses pick up and return arrangements.
We don’t have a distance restrictions on our hires.
Like all technology, little faults do occur randomly. If there is technical issue, we wont be aware until someone informs us. Please call immediately if this is the case.
No problem, just book the trailer again for the new time period. If you are to busy, give us a call and we will extended your hire time.

We have a 24hr cancellation policy that applies to refunds. You are eligible for a refund (less a $15 admin fee) if you provide Mantaray Trailer Hire with more than 24hrs Notice. You are also eligible to move your booking only ONCE. You must give more then 24hrs notice to be eligible to move a booking. This refund policy still upholds regardless of weather conditions.

We will not tolerate any abuse or ill manner towards our staff to enforce the refund policy.

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