Elecbrake Quick Guide

This is a quick guide to assist in operating and connecting the Elecbrake Bluetooth braking system.

1. Turn vehicle headlights or parker lights on to power up the unit. Lights must remain on for the brakes to operate.
2. Turn Bluetooth on within your smartphone.
3. Open Elecbrake App.
4. You will find yourself on the home screen, there will be a loading symbol. Next to it, it will say LOOKING FOR DEVICE.

5. Next, you have to click the devices tab in the bottom, right hand corner.

6. Select the brake controller ELBC2000 or EB2, check your trailer NUMBER below.

electric brakes
mantaray trailers

7. Click the home button & check the trailer brakes operation, press the brake pedal and you should see a large, red circle appear. Slowly drive your vehicle forward then press the circle to check the manual operation of the brakes.

8. Swipe right to find the brake settings. Here, you will find pre-set values based on your payload. Always check this setting before transit.

9. If you are having connection issues.
Have you…
a. Turned bluetooth on.
b. Turned parker/low beams on.
c. Disconnected phone from vehicle bluetooth.
d. Restarted smartphone and turned lights on/off to restart brake controller.
e. Ensured trailer plug is seated and connected.
f. If your still have trouble. Call 0402 750 901

9. Dash mount your phone so the app is visible and within reach. The braking system must be continually monitored. It is your responsibility (hiree) to ensure you have your smartphone accessible at all times during transit. This is to ensure the operator can manually operate the trailer brakes in an emergency, and also continually monitor normal operation. If you fail to ensure the brakes are operating correctly, or you set the brakes (too aggresive). You may be liable for any damages that occurs to the electrical and mechanical braking system of the trailer.