Click And Collect Guide

1.  Input the provided access code that was sent via email into the Padlock on the gate, then hit the unlock button (Mackay cbd ONLY).

To access trailer, enter trailer lock code into Keybox on the right hand side of the trailer. Then hit the unlock button

2. Inside keybox will be your keys to unlock… 

    a. coupling lock where the trailer attaches to vehicle.

    b. unlock padlock on toolbox.

 Inside the toolbox, you will find multiple wiring harnesses and chain shackles. Use all these accordingly to connect the trailer.

3. Place COUPLING LOCK ACCESSORIES into the toolbox for transit. Place keys back in KEYBOX

4. Connect trailer to vehicle with coupling and safety chains. Ensure coupling is seated ALL the way down onto the towball.

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5. Wind jockey wheel ALL the way up until tight, then set into the transit position with the handle facing UPWARDS. Then connect wiring harness.
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6. If your trailer is equipped with mechanical brakes, release the handbrake and lift coupling reverse lockout latch into the open position. Return to closed position for reversing. If you hired a >>14×6 Enclosed, Hydraulic tipper or Car trailer<<Click here on how to set up electric brakes.

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7. DOUBLE check everything is connected correctly for transit. Once connected, check the trailer lights.

8. Take 4 clear photos of the hitch, left, right and rear sides. Photos must clearly show the entire trailer. This is imperative for all insurance purposes as damages may have occurred on previous hires. YOU MAY BE LIABLE IF YOU FAIL TO RECOGNIZE ANY DAMAGE OR FAIL REPORT YOUR OWN DAMAGE ACQUIRED ON YOUR HIRE!!

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1. Park trailer into the position it was

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2. Attach coupling lock to the trailer.

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3. Return shackles, wiring harnesses and accessories to the toolbox.

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4. Fit padlock to the toolbox and return keys to keybox.

Click And Collect Guide - Mantaray Trailer
5. Take a photo of the trailer returned, send the photo 0402 750 901. All done!